Educate to Graduate

Each year, more than a million kids will leave school without earning a high school (Senior Grad 12 Cert) this is a “Silent Pandemic” leaving many uneducated which ripple effects into unemployability and poverty.

Since late 2019s Covid19 has increased the number of school dropouts due to school program stoppage, as well as many children being left unsupervised because of parents working from home, poor health or because of them being orphaned. A major problem facing girl school dropout is “teenage/unwanted pregnancies”

The decision to drop out is not so much because of children choosing to do so voluntarily but rather as a result of life pressures. Children are forced especially child headed homes to help support their family financially or the demands of caring for siblings or their own children. The not so academically inclined sees no connection between “academic life” and “real life”. They feel disconnected from their peers and from teachers and other adults in the community. Schools also have very few resources to meet the complex social, emotional and academic needs of their most vulnerable youth simply because the work load and learner have increased dramatically over the past decade. Boredom and disengagement are two key reasons students drop out of school.

ROC Bible College & Seminary is embarking on our “Educate to Graduate Program” ™ to assist the school dropout to find an interest once more in education. We envisage empowering them in various important “Life Skill Programs” and “Training & Development in Trade or Entrepreneurship”


  • To build a network of support and to connect parents to the program
  • To identify the warning signs of at risk teenager by cultivating relationships of trust with them
  • To assist with career coaching
  • To offer weekend and evening classes, providing students with flexible scheduling
  • To develop a “dropout prevention, intervention, and recovery plan”
  • Adopt a Student-Centered Funding Model

Apply Now For 2021/2022 Intake.